3 ways to make your pool more fun

For some, the joy of pool ownership may wane after several years, especially if you’re the one who cleans and maintains the pool. But there's nothing stopping us from breaking the cycle and have some fun with the water again, after all that's what is it there for. Here are 3 ways to make your pool fun again:

1. The infamous inflatables

Instagram-worthy floaties and inflatables have become all the rage lately. You can find life-sized donuts, pineapples and zoo animals to keep the backyard pool looking fun and inviting. Get the family together for a poolside ‘selfie’ while posing with your favourite inflatable and share it to social media or slap it into the family album for a funny memory to look back on!


2. Volleyball net:

Volleyball nets easily transform an ordinary pool into an outdoor water court where ball sports and the list of fun ball games are endless. You and your friends & family will have a blast spending hours participating in your own pool volleyball tournament or by simply hitting a beach ball back and forth over the net. It’s not only fun but a great workout, too!

3. Host a pool party:

Pool parties can be an amazing way to catch up with friends and family over some drinks on a sunny day. Not only is it a great time for adults, but kids also loves it, and it can easily turn a boring sunday, into meaningful memories with loved ones.

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