Pool repair

We have been offering quality pool resurfacing & repair services to pool owners all over for years. Our commitment to excellence and customer service has earned us the reputation of being one of the best pool repair & maintenance companies in the Bahamas.

Over the years, your pool will start to get damaged or get old and will need small or complete renovation, and that’s where we come in for help. Whether it is replacing your tile and coping or changing your decking material to add pavers, stamped concrete, or flagstone, we got your back.

Style is constantly changing, and the style of your pool is one of the most important features in your backyard/entertainment area. If you would like to transform your pool into your own luxurious private vacation spot we’re here to help

Using only the highest grade products and materials on the market, our pool remodeling team can execute full remodels, if need be, as well as repairs on the interior finishes, such as tile, coping, plaster, or even decking to add a beautiful and practical frame to your pool.

Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial pool remodeling & renovation, Chlorine Depot is the go-to.

For more info, give us a call at +1 242-603-0073 or +1 (242) 805-7665.
Or email us at info@chlorinedepot.com

You can also give us a visit at our shop in #7 Island Plaza, Shirley Street, Nassau